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Bcharreh Touristic Region

Lebanese village of Bcharreh, North LebanonBcharreh is a land of gardens and meadows. Found just below the Cedars resort, it is also a mountainous region, divided by the steep-sided Qadisha Valley and endowed with numerous rivers. Pure mountain water stream flowing into the basin-shaped valleys have turned Bcharreh into a well-known agricultural area, which has helped feed its reputation for handicrafts and traditional cuisine. It is 120 kilometres from Beirut, 35 kilometres from Tripoli and seven kilometres from the Cedars.

Churches, monasteries and ancient hermitages surround Bcharreh on all sides. During times of religious persecution, it was an area of refuge for hermits. The security it offered Bsharreh under the snow, North Lebanonalso attracted monks and devout Christians, who built many monasteries, some of them connected to the area’s caves and grottos. Still today, many villages in the valley have hard-to-reach caves called Al Aassi, or “the difficult.”

Each year, Bcharreh town pulls out the stops for two popular festivals: Transfiguration Day on 6 August, held in the neighbourhood of the Cedars Forest; and Ascension Day, on 14 September, near the Antique Cross. In mid-August, it also celebrates Gibran's Cultural Week and the Cedars International Festivals.
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